Red’s IGA associates are required to wear masks while working in our store. We have continued to follow the CDC’s guidance since the COVID-19 pandemic started and now, as we have ample supplies of masks for our associates, we’re taking additional precautions by requiring masks to be worn.
We also strongly encourage our guests to wear masks when they are in our stores as well.

Our store is open Monday thru Friday 7am-8pm and Saturday-Sunday 7am-7pm.
We ask that the hours of 7am-9am are used for seniors and at-risk customers.

We’ll continue to allow our guests to bring their reusable bags to the store, but, if you do that, we’re going to ask that you bag your own groceries. Also in our stores, you may notice that we’ve installed Plexiglass partitions in an effort to help keep our associates, and our guests, safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re also working on putting distance markers on the floor near our checkouts to let guests know where to stand to stay a safe 6 feet from others as you wait to reach a register.


In an effort to ensure we have product available for many of our guests, we have limits on how much of a certain item or items can be purchased at one time. If you have questions about product availability, we recommend checking with the store before you make a trip so that you are not disappointed. You can find contact information online here


Our CURBSIDE PICK-UP allows our guests to turn their online shopping list into an online order that will be available for pick up at our designated parking spots.